Marketing to China's Outbound Travelers

Jun 15, 2018 10:33:05 AM / by Monica Watson

China is now the world’s most powerful outbound travel market - outspending U.S. tourist by more than two times in 2016/17. During that time, China spent $261 billion versus the $123 billion generated from U.S. outbound travelers. 


During this webinar, we were joined by Chris Baker of Totem Media. He shared top trends, tips and tactics for connecting with China’s 150 million+ overseas travelers. He also uncovered strategies for awareness building into China pre-departure and for connecting while travelers are already overseas and on-location. Watch the full presentation above for all that plus a look at WeChat, Weibo, influencer marketing and more! 

You can also download the full presentation here for an even deeper look. 

Monica Watson

Written by Monica Watson