Summer 2018 Travel Marketing Trends

May 17, 2018 1:02:22 PM / by Lisa Farrar Wellman posted in travel marketing, social media travel, youtube marketing, travel instagram marketing

Summer comes with fewer responsibilities, more white space on the calendar and inviting weather that encourages all of us to step outside normal and into extraordinary. Or at least, that’s the message travel marketers are trying to remind potential travelers of right now - especially with Americans taking less vacation days than they have in decades, many travel marketers are reminding travelers why taking those days and going on those new adventures is important.

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Fantastic Influencers and Where to Find Them (And Why You Should Pay Them)

Apr 19, 2018 2:45:32 PM / by Monica Watson posted in influencer marketing, influencers, influencer, instagram influencers, destination marketing, travel marketing

As the creator, curator and publisher of all of Visit Kansas City’s (also known as Visit KC) CVB, Carolyn Anderson knows a thing or two about influencers. The Social Media Manager has worked with creators from a wide array of verticals in a variety of projects. After her presentation at the destination marketing event eTourism Summit, we spoke with Anderson to get a glimpse into how she sets the influencer strategy at Visit KC and how she decides who would be the best partners.

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