Feb 21, 2018 12:03:00 AM / by Monica Watson

Creating a user-generated content contest should be easy. However, for many marketers, the seemingly straightforward marketing tactic can turn into a big headache: you have website design and development to content aggregation to counting votes and managing dates, and that’s just scratching the surface.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Chute Pages! This new addition to the Chute platform will let your marketing team easily create and manage contests or sweepstakes. The tool leverages many of the great features already found in the Chute platform: the Media Chooser, a customizable lead generation form, content moderation, rights management, and galleries. When it comes time to publish, your team will have multiple options to choose from including a standalone page to an embeddable widget to drop onto existing web pages or Facebook tabs.

The best part is all of the submissions get stored in your Chute Library, so your team will be able to use them across your marketing channels long after the contest has ended.

You can create Pages that incorporate:

Customizable Design

In the Chute platform, you can easily edit your header, text and page colors to ensure your Page matches your brand guidelines.




Content Aggregation

Use Chute to easily track hashtagged content being posted to Instagram and Twitter. Plus, generate on-site entries with the Chute Media Chooser. This customizable widget allows you to attain rights to photos on the spot, includes an optional lead generation form, and enables entrants to pull content from a wide array of sources – from social media to their hard drives!


Display and Voting Capabilities

Choose the best display formats that work for your brand – from deciding what metadata you want to display to image sizes. Plus, enable visitors to vote on their favorite entries to encourage more engagement and sharing.




Understand how your page is performing by tracking page views to better inform future tactics.


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Monica Watson

Written by Monica Watson